J.D. Lindsay

Hi, I'm Josh. I use technology to make the world a better place.

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Selected projects and activities

I'm always making something. You can follow my project progress at LittleLogs, and also write with me at Uncommon.


Technology to convert news websites into android apps.

Coming Soon

Redux Digital

Beautiful websites, branding, and marketing strategy for creatives.

Coming soon

Overture Sound

Soundtracks and soundscapes for film, games, and media.

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The Podcast

Me and my friend Jacob record our journey as young makers.

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Heroic RPG

Fantasy story game with a focus on simple rules and awesome characters.

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Life Board

Minimal blog / mood board where I collect digital things I like.

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Inspire Music

Spotify playlists for work and leisure.                             

Coming soon!

Revive Wisdom

Wisdom and quotes I aspire to live by.                             

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Apex Photos

CCO (do-anything-what-you-want) photography collections.

Coming soon!

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