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Lyons Landscaping

Website, Social Media

Re-designed old website - putting video & beautiful photos front and centre. Also grew existing social media profiles and added new ones for additional engagement.

Added live chat and conversational booking forms for a faster and more engaging customer service. Split the previous cluttered landing page into four seperate ones to allow better ranking in Google. Also increased social media engagement and follower count through daily posts, regular giveaways, and specific profiles for each service offered.

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Queensboro Marine

Website, Social Media

Recontextualized material from an old website in a new design for a simpler and engaging experience. Created and grew new Instagram profile.

Simplied value proposition for easier customer experience. Showcased projects and photos first, for a visual-first experience. Linked trusted partners to show credibility. Also grew new Instagram profile by engaging with folks in the waterfront domain.

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Llama Bar

Website, Social Media

Able Roofing


Event House

Making a great website doesn't have to be difficult.

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I help businesses and creative folks succeed online. I've built websites, ran social media marketing, and done SEO & for companies like Lyons Landscaping, Queensboro Marine, and Able Roofing. Designing websites is a longtime passion of mine - as a gateway for folks to reach and grow an audience. If you ever need help, feel free to reach out!

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My love for business comes from a love to create. Here's some stuff I'm working on: